Design 251 process book - WIP

Just some proof sheets for the process book I'm working on. This book is to showcase some of the processes (boring) we used in the class, line communication, abstraction, ambiguity, etc... These are all work in progress, up to 22 pages so far. Here are a few of them:


Egg carton project 1

Put this together to fulfill a requirement for my Design 251 Final. We were to take an object and make it disappear, or at least hide it in something else. I chose to hide something simple such as a night light within an object you would never expect... real eggs.

The mini-LED's are battery powered and contained within each egg separately. When turned on they emit a beautiful warm glow. The eggs can be "dimmed" by closing the lid over them.


Summer Trip

I felt like posting some pictures of my trip this past summer. Most of it was amazing, some of it really sucked. I got to witness the "backyards" of 11 states and 12 cities. ~3500 miles by freight train taking approx. 2.5 weeks (some of which was spent in the city).

More images at the jump. Check them out.

Here goes...

So I guess it's time I have one of these things... more to come.