First post in a bit....

Some of the highlights from this quarter.

Witch king's mask final.

My professor wanted me to recreate another version of the mask using another medium... so I chose to make a wireframe model. I'm very fond of this one. It was kept as a learning tool for incoming students.

Dowel rod connector project. Make a flexible system for connecting dowel rods to create platonic solds and various shapes without using adhesive. I really like this outcome as you can push the form out of its shape and it will bounce back. It can also fold. It was kept as a learning tool for incoming students.

The infamous cardboard chair project... i took a little twist with mine. Instead of making a chair I opted for a stool that folds up for easy storage and carrying. It is ultra portable and very easy on the environment. The whole chair is cut from one piece of cardboard.

The matching cardboard table... also very usable.


possibly the best thing ive seen on the internet


Patina'ed with vegetable and tung oil. Pretty much done.

Totoro lives on my desk.

my fern island needed a friend.

probably the worst project ever.

Nothing like spending 10 hours laminating, tracing, and cutting 1/16 inch bass wood into a complex multi dimensional planar grid system thing or what the fuck ever.

then your girlfriend drops a toy gun onto it and breaks off two pieces.

then you remake them in the hopes that you have enough scrap wood

of course then you have to laminate a piece of tracing parchment on top with elmers glue. in the hopes that it doesn't stretch off the surface and krinkle up into some dumb pointless time consuming tedious project hell.

then you cut a complex shape into it using a xacto knife and tons of tears.

Then you get it all finished and it looks like crap.

all the while your cat is looking at you doing this.


Bored with illustrator and wacom

ready for paint

Harness is built, the shroud is built... it just needs to be aged and patina'ed.

dont be jealous.

I may have just found the ultimate piece of lunchmaking / music listening technology ever created.

It even has a line-in for an mp3 player! This takes picnics to a whole new level.

Witch King Helm Process Shots 2

Here are some more shots... mostly completed... A few more details need to be added, like embossing and and black oxide. I have the fabric and harness for the shroud ready to put in.

WItch King Process Shots

P.S I love them.

An unsigned postcard arrived at my door today. No address... words from far away... drawings cutting the paragraphs like a knife, yet cutting like they meant to. P.S's... P.P.S's blurbs almost forgotten because they didn't fit on the page... yet they were still intended to be there. Is the signature really necessary to convey who its from? Does the name at the bottom of the 3.5x6.5 card really matter? You know who its from without question, the intimacy of the handwriting, the diction, the layout; the card says it all. The choice of stamps, ink smudges, small scribbles of time passing while the author found the right words... How strange a thing is a post card... a supremely personal object with considerable time taken to be right (sometimes not?) sent through possibly the most  impersonal and misunderstood of devices, the United States postal service. Everything about the card asks questions... Why are the stamps dated 2004? Were they saved for the perfect occasion, were they the only ones to be found? Does the picture mean anything, is it just the first one they found? where was it written, how was it written... was it crafted perfectly under a light at a favorite desk or was it scribbled erroneously on the back of a post office box just before it was dropped into the abyss with a sigh of relief? In my opinion the former almost always applies. Postcards are almost always sent because they were intended to be sent... not because they had to be. A post card is a way of showing someone they are cared about, by the most simplest of means... two stamps and a pen.... even from thousands of miles away. You write it and it's sent across the nation and sometimes the world by god knows what machines... only to arrive at your mailbox 4 days later like it was the easiest thing in the world. They are emotional, they are powerful... they can bring a smile to ANYONE'S face.. how could they be forgotten after all these years? Why isn't everyone still using them to tell their stories? How could we as a generation adopt email as our sole means of communication... such an impersonal and robotic means of telling others our thoughts says NOTHING about whats really going on that day...

I guess all I'm saying is I miss them.

Prismacolor party.

all 156 colors baby... full set.

Now I just need to build a stand to hold all of em.


Are back.


Bacon over the holidays... no she didn't eat it.

The Tree

It's finally finished... 750 yards of wound wire and 14 sticks of brazing rod.