Bacon over the holidays... no she didn't eat it.

The Tree

It's finally finished... 750 yards of wound wire and 14 sticks of brazing rod.

Packaging attempt...

I was feeling kind of fancy this christmas season and felt like I would do something fun instead of going to the store and buying some cheesy wrapping paper. This package (for Maggie) is wrapped in recycled newsprint (no tape used), and tied with jute. The seal is made from homemade scarlet soy wax pressed with a vinyl stamp attached to a makeshift dowel rod handle.  I also made some tags based off of an old dusty bike return slip I found at the bike coop one night.

new Kitchen Shelves...finally.

I got sick and tired of the sterile looking, crappy plastic shelves in my kitchen... so ugly.

I had this old wooden box collection stashed away and decided to put them to good use.

New Bed!

I finally found the metal bed I have been looking for forever... and it's awesome. Not only is it iron but the center headboard and footboard have phoenix staring each other down. Perfect imagery for a bed.

Various House In sundries

Just some random things I have built in my house with random recycled parts.

Chainring shelving brackets

Antique glass door knob curtain rods.

Electrified Alladin hanging oil lamp

Sewing machine cabinet drawers (currently holding seeds)

Barn wood and antique shelving bracket milk glass shelf

Living Room

Been rather bored now that I have no projects due.... so I've been mainly working on the house. I recently found an ikea shelving set and stained it to match the furniture. Painted the walls to start putting up my collection of old maps and frames. The other corner isn't finished yet as I still need to find a tall bookshelf for the hundreds of books here. I like it sofar.

Final book done! + lunch

The book is done and printed, with the "i" being cut out of the front cover to see the collage underneath.

And this homemade split-pea soup covered with crema and homemade croutons.

251 Process Book Final

So I finally finished the 22 page process book for my now finished 251 class. It (attempts to) document all the projects I have worked on throughout the quarter. Any feedback is welcome.

bored mouse images

The true composition of a "rat race." Don't worry, its supposed to look cheesy.

Cats love it too...

One more egg shot.

Figured I would take an image of this concept in one of its contexts... a new spin on lighting your fridge at night. Makes me want to just jump right in there.

Glowing Keyboard

Update images of the backlit keyboard concept:

And yes my cuts could have been ALOT cleaner but hey, its a concept so who cares.

New 27" iMac

So it's finally here, and its awesome. 27" imac, quadcore i7 with 2tb of spaee and 8gb ram.

And of course this is me hungover, 7am friday morning 10 minutes directly after the FedEx guy arrived.

So I guess finals are over... 4.0 bound. More time to work on personal projects. woo!

R/C Mouse? Yeah.

The final part of my 251 Final projects, take a product and create a metaphor with it. I chose "rat race."
The body is a scavenged R/C Zip-zap body and covered with a hollowed out cat toy. The eyes are wired LED's.  (Very fun may I add.)

Keyboard Concept

An attempt to make keyboards easier to use in both daylight and nighttime.
The letters are "burnt" out of the black background so that you can see the glowing letters.

The letters on the previous version were too small and hard to see in both daytime and night.
I might post some images of it glowing later.