First post in a bit....

Some of the highlights from this quarter.

Witch king's mask final.

My professor wanted me to recreate another version of the mask using another medium... so I chose to make a wireframe model. I'm very fond of this one. It was kept as a learning tool for incoming students.

Dowel rod connector project. Make a flexible system for connecting dowel rods to create platonic solds and various shapes without using adhesive. I really like this outcome as you can push the form out of its shape and it will bounce back. It can also fold. It was kept as a learning tool for incoming students.

The infamous cardboard chair project... i took a little twist with mine. Instead of making a chair I opted for a stool that folds up for easy storage and carrying. It is ultra portable and very easy on the environment. The whole chair is cut from one piece of cardboard.

The matching cardboard table... also very usable.


Rachel Dangerfield said...

This stuff is seriously brilliant. I want to see that stool in action.

Mike Puncekar said...

Bit late... But that cube thing is awesome. You look like you are punching it and just breaking science. You've always had this penchant for designing highly functional, stream lined things... seems to be working out

Sidenote: Your user icon grosses me out every darn time. And I can't stop looking at it because of that darn speech bubble tail.

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